Project "Juergen Ebert Backoffice"

November 2016 Intermediate report Backoffice Team Beijing

November 2016.PDF



at Christmas 2015 Fotosession "Ebert Crew"

from left side:

Benjamin Mühlbauer

Jürgen Ebert

Florian Menges

Nadine Kaul

Andreas Zirngibl

Josef Schwaiger

Anneliese Schreck-Gruber

Foto: Vera Brosch


April 2015

NAV TEAM Bejing founded:

Foto: Christian Sproll, CEO CRM-Factory, Bejing


It is "Summertime 2013" and supportteam does a break..

at other times every Tuesdays between 3 pm and 6 pm by phone

+49 941/599 8053

or by e-mail 


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